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6-axis robotic training and development cell
Robotic cell designed for implementing and programming a KUKA 6-axis industrial robot

Topic coverage:

6-axis industrial robot (Kuka Agilus reaching 700 mm)

PLC (software core) and HMI (color touchscreen panel)

Industrial communication (Ethernet) and supervision

Machine vision (camera, backlight system and associated software)

Conveying (belt conveyor, robot synchronization encoder)

Heads for the 6-axis robot (vacuum, gripper, etc.)

Training activities:

Functional analysis and studying robotics technologies

Constructive analysis of industrial robot systems

Pick-and-place application development

Gluing application development with trajectory tracking

Assembly-by-clipping application development

Machine-tool loading application development

Machine vision integration in advanced scenarios

Designing a robotic cell on Kuka.Sim 3D simulation software

Operator interface and supervision programming

Designing and manufacturing of single-handed heads

Key points:

Reliable fully secured industrial system, adapted for training, implementing 4 usual robotics scenarios (pick and place, gluing, assembly by clipping, machine-tool loading)

Students develop and apply increasingly widespread industrial robotics solutions (pick and place, vision, etc.) with a high added value, and acquire sought-after skills

6-axis robots are used more and more in industry, due to their precision and high flexibility

KUKA robots are very popular in industry (Kuka is the European leader in industrial robotics)

10 licenses KukaSim (Kuka 3D simulation software) are supplied

Strong partnership between Kuka and ERM in education: organization of builder trainings (3-week offered), etc.

5-year guarantee for the Kuka robot


RQ10: 6-axis robotic training and development cell with calibration kit for the axes of the Kuka Agilus robot

RQ05: 6-axis Kuka Agilus KR6 R700 robot and its software suite

RQ00: Materials kit for pick-and-place scenarios (Optional)

RQ01: Materials kit for gluing scenario (Optional)

RQ02: Materials kit for assembly-byclipping scenario (Optional)

RQ03: Materials kit for machine-tool loading scenario (Optional)

RQ11: Machine vision for advanced scenarios (Optional), e.g. Pickup of bulk products from the conveyor

RQ12: Industrial supervision

RO00: “Industrial robot arm + wrist” mechanical system – RO01: “6-axis robot reduction gear” mechanical system.

RK10: Compact robotic initiation cell, width 800mm (6-axis robot with Vision Pack, 15 KukaSim licenses and 1 Kuka VisionTech 3.0 license (camera and gripper not included)

RK11: Compact robotic initiation cell, width 1100mm (6-axis robot with Vision Pack, 15 KukaSim licenses and 1 Kuka VisionTech 3.0 license (camera and gripper not included)